multipurpose, medium, manipulation

here is a curated assortment of things I’ve made, the pieces are ordered from most recent to least recent. I’m mainly inspired by either my partner or whatever I’m fixating on at the time, which is why a lot of stuff you'll see is like fanart. The mediums I use are broken up into three categories/ links above, so please feel free to click on one and be transported to their section! If you’d like to see more stuff I’ve made that didn't make the cut here, then check me out on tumblr or instagram

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2D: digital and traditional

I mainly like to sketch, I very rarely ever paint or do full pieces - I have to feel particularly moved to do those. I also don't know how to paint so a lot of the time I'm just guessing and pulling random colors from wherever, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. For traditional sketches I like to use whatever scrap paper is around and pencil, and digital stuff I only use procreate on my ipad.

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all of my pieces here were gifts! and excluding collage, they were mediums that I do not use often, so I was pretty proud of them. Especially the heart frame, I had never sculpted before and I love the kitschy homemade look of it! But I honestly wouldn't do it again cause I hated the texture of the clay I used... maybe if i tried a different one?

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these are some rotoscopes I did for my documentary about andy kaufman, for my first time doing it I was super proud of these!! I also did some stop-motion for that project too, but I don't like them anymore lol. But I did love making both styles of animation, I will have to try them again sometime in the future.

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